Bethany Salem


Bethany stands an imposing 4’ 11” tall, which is no doubt part of the reason she is the target of so much bullying. While she had to cut it short at age 9 for the part of Peter Pan, she has since let her hair grow into a magnificent ginger mane! She is fair complected and generously peppered with freckles (a gift from her father). She loves wearing wild colors that are a little anachronistic for the 80s, including dashikis, sashes, and Native American and African jewelry. She also likes to get henna tattoos from the local Indian street artists—though she is careful to have them on her arms so she can easily cover them with sleeves and not get hassled at school.


Bethany was born March 2nd, 1971 in New York City’s West Village. It was a difficult pregnancy for her mother Donna Salem, and ended up going rather late. Bethany was due in February, and by March, the doctors insisted that they induce labor, despite Donna’s preference for letting nature take its course. Throughout her life, the late birth became a predictor for her tendency to be a flake. Bethany is a cheerful, energetic girl who gets so caught up in things that she forgets the time.

Bethany is a huge fan of poetry and has been writing her own verse since she was age 8. That was when her mother met the woman who would become a big part of their lives, Deborah Sutton. Donna was cool and beautiful, and an artist—Bethany and Deborah became fast friends. Bethany loves to watch Deborah’s performance art shows. Bethany was part of the reason Donna finally gave in to her fate and acknowledged her love for Deborah. The three of them now have a very close, loving family life, despite the unusualness of the occultism and intrusion of the West Village Art Scene.

Bethany writes her own poetry, and has developed a love for acting. She became a drama geek in elementary school, landing her first role as the eponymous lead of the play Peter Pan. Her energy and bright red hair (which she had to cut short) made her perfect for the part! Bethany had so much fun doing that part that she was forever hooked! She has already been in a dozen shows by age 14, and dreams of one day playing Broadway!

Bethany has just started high school, and it has not been all that fun for her. She seems to have been made the target for a group of bullies, led by an older boy named Carl Marsden. They make fun of her clothes, her being a drama geek, and her professed Wiccanism; but mostly because of her parents. They call her “Satanist,” “dyke,” “carpet-muncher,” “hippie chick,” “muff-diver,” and “dyke-a-dellic”; but their favorite is simply calling her for the eponymous character of the 1971 Archie Comic spin-off title of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” All this, of course, on top of the standard teasing due to redheads in general: “Carrot top,” “Copper top,” “flame-brain,” “red, red radish,” and “rusty” among others. Their teasing has led to her gaining an undeserved reputation at her school for being a pot-head (though she has never tried it) as well as for being a homosexual—though on that count, she is not sure of her sexuality one way or another at this point. Because of her upbringing she’s certainly not opposed to it, she’s just too young to have spent much time exploring that part of herself. Regardless, Marsden and his bunch are making school life a misery for poor Bethany.

Bethany Salem

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