Deborah Sutton


Deborah is a very attractive woman, though she does not work to maintain her appearance. She rarely wears make-up, but when she does she can “clean up” amazingly well. Many of her critics blame her lack of concern with cosmetics to her being a lesbian. But the truth is that living the all- natural life is important to her. She is a strict vegetarian, and likes to wear only natural fibers in her clothes. She still dresses in wild patterns, often wearing the daring creations of artist friends of hers. She stands 5’ 11” tall, with dark brown hair and gray eyes. She has an olive tint to her skin (her mother is of Greek descent), with a light dusting of freckles.


Deborah Sutton was born 6 June, 1959 in Brooklyn to John and Georgette Sutton, both teachers. Her father works as a professor of mathematics at CUNY, while her mother is an English teacher at East Brooklyn High School. She grew up in an atmosphere of academia, but her interests fall more in the field of fine arts. She is a common presence on the Bowery Art Scene, known for her exciting work in abstract expressionism, as well as performance art. It was in 1976 when she first met the person who would become the love of her life, Donna Salem. They met at one of Deborah’s street performances. Donna was captivated with the sinuous teenager doing a daring routine of slow contortion. Deborah was well aware that the older woman was attracted to her, and decided to “let the woman off the hook” and approached her first! She invited Donna to a poetry night at a nearby coffee shop and they got on so well that they completely lost track of time.

Though the difference in age did not bother Deborah at all, it was a very uncomfortable issue for Donna. Technically it was not at all illegal, since the age of consent in New York in 17; but Donna was uncomfortable, despite her obvious fascination with Deborah. The result was a long and frustrating adventure of a romance that evolved to a torrid climax. Deborah pursued Donna relentlessly and eventually wore her down. The two women are passionately in love. One of the many problems Donna initially had with the nature of this romance was the affect this would have on her young daughter Bethany. But Bethany and Deborah got on like the best of friends.

Deborah joined Donna’s journey into Wicca and helped her to open her shop, Visions & Dreams. She helps run the shop and has even been initiated into the coven. She is still very much a part of the Manhattan art scene, and proudly displays her art in the shop. Occasionally she will help sponsor an up-and-coming artist by displaying their artwork in the reading area of Visions & Dreams, or helping them get displays at various coffee shops or street galleries.

Deborah Sutton

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