Lisa Aldonato


Lisa is an attractive woman in her late thirties. He stands 5’9" tall, and weighs 135lbs. Her hair is heavily styled and dyed, but always looks impeccable. She likes to dress in bright colors. She’s an unusually loud figure in the otherwise drab world of the NYPD.


Lisa is a 5th generation native New Yorker. She was born and raised in the Bronx, and despite her fluffy appearance, she’s a tought-as-nails veteran of The Big Apple. Her parents currently live in Queens while she lives in Brooklyn. She had a younger sister, Ashley, who is kind of a screw-up. LIsa is the responsible one of the sisters, and often has to bail her sister out of trouble—which is often, since Ashley tends to have atrotious taste in men.

Lisa Aldonato

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