Reggie Slocum

Small-time player and CI to Det. Sgt. O'Hinn


Reggie Slocum is an African American man; he stands at 5’1” tall and weighs 159lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. Reggie is every inch a player. He dresses as fine as he can manage, which is not as often as he likes. He wears fedora hats, leather jackets, and plenty of jewelry.


Reggie Slocum is a native New Yorker, a small time hood with an extensive rap sheet. He has collars for possession, B & E, armed robbery, and numerous counts of check fraud and running book. He is a known player and information broker, for which Det. Sgt. O’Hinn has found to be reasonably reliable. Det. Sgt. O’Hinn is currently cultivating him as an unregistered CI.

Reggie Slocum

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