Steve Ravetti


Steve Ravetti is a young man of Italian descent, 26 years of age. He stands 6’2" tall and weighs 165lbs. He has dark hair and eyes, with a strong olive complexion. He’s very Italian looking. When not in uniform he dresses usually in denim. He also only shaves for when he’s on duty, otherwise he often lets himself look a little scruffy.


Steve was born in New Jersey originally, but his family moved into Brooklyn when he was nine. He grew up a member of a large Italian family. His father was a mechanic, his father’s father was a mechanic, his grandfather on his mother’s side was a mechanic. His borhtes got into the business as well. It looked for a while that Steve was going to join the family business as well, but then he joined the police.

Steve still work part time at his brothers’ garage, usually on the weekends. His father died a few years ago and his mother lives along in her apartment in Brooklyn. No matter how much her sons try to get her into a home, she refuses to go. She does not want to leave her home, ever!

Steve Ravetti

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