1985 Bentley Turbo R

High-performance model luxury car.


The substantial Bentley Turbo first appeared in the form of the Mulsanne Turbo in 1982. Handling was then improved and with the addition of fuel injection the car became the Turbo R (for ‘roadholding’) in 1985.

The Turbo R required a potent power source to move it’s two and a quarter ton bulk, it got it in the form of a turbocharged 6.75L V8 producing over 350bhp. For a car of it’s size acceleration was remarkable, 60mph arriving in just 6.7sec and onto a maximum speed of 150mph.


Nobody nows how Det. Sgt. O’Hinn can afford such a fine luxury vehicle, but he has one. Many in the Precinct call him “The Duke” in reference to the 1983 movie Trading Places villains of “Randolph and Mortimer Duke,” played by Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche respectively.

1985 Bentley Turbo R

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