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Let this serve as a sourcebook for all details of the 13th Precinct Storyteller Campaign. This data base will be constantly updated as the Story unfolds. Because this game centers on the New York Police Department, the Five Boroughs of New York City are listed below by as Precinct Districts. They do not reflect the reality of the politics or policies of the NYPD in any way, but fully represent our interpretation of the World of Darkness.

Manhattan Borough

1st Precinct

The First covers the whole of Downtown District from Houston Street south. The Civic Center and the seat os government for the whole city, including City Hall, the Municipar Court Building, as well as numerous other government offices. It is also a hotbed of intrigue on the battlefield of city politics.

13th Precinct

The 13th Precinct straddles the island between the Hudson and East Rivers, from 34th Stret south to Houston Street.

  • 15th Precinct

    The area the One-Five covers is second only to the First Precinct in the political world, although is a much smaller Precinct. Included is the United Nations Headquarters; but it also includes the Theatre District and Rockafeller Center, making it a cultural center as well.

    22nd Precinct

    This much smaller covers the area from Cathedral Parkway south to 58th Street, and from the Hudson to Central Park West.

    Central Park

    This is a unique precinct that covers the whole of Central Park. This includes the famous Mounted Unit of the NYPD.

    25th Precinct

    The 25th Precinct covers the area from Cathedral Parkway south to 59th Street, and from Central Park East to the East River.

    32nd Precinct

    The 32nd Precinct straddles the island covering Upper Manhattan from Cathedral Parkway north to West 155th Street.

    34th Precinct

    The 34th covers the rest of Manhattan from West 155th north.

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