Street-Gang Glossary

Ace Cool: Best friend, back up.

Base Head: Person booked on cocaine.

Beemer: BMW vehicle.

Benzo: Mercedez Benz.

Blob: Crip’s nickname for a Crip gang member.

Blood: Non Crip.

Bo: Marijuana.

Boned Out: Quit, chickened out, left.

Book: Run, get away, leave.

Break: Run, get away.

Break-Down: Shotgun.

Bucket: Old, raggedy car.

Bud: Marijuana.

Bullet: One year in custody.

Bumping Titties: Fighting.

Busted: Shot at someone.

Buster: Young guy trying to be a gang member, fake gang member.

Check It Out: Listen to what I gave to say.

Chill Out: Stop it, don’t do that.

Colum: Columbian marijuana.

Crab: Blood’s nickname for a Crip gang member.

Cragared Down: Low-rider-type car.

Cuzz: Crip.

Do A Ghost: To leave, leave the scene.

Double-Deuce: .22 caliber gun.

Down for Nine: Ability to protect self.

Drag: Ability to sweet-talk girls.

Draped: Wearing a lot of gold jewelry.

Drop A Dime: Snitch on someone.

Deuce and A Quarter: Buick 225 vehicle.

Durag: Handkerchief wrapped around head.

Dusted: Under the influence of PCP.

Eastly: Very ugly person.

Eight-Track: Two-and-a-half grams of cocaine.

Esseys: Latinos.

Everything Is Everything: It’s all right.

Four-Five: .45 caliber gun.

Freak: Good-looking girl.

Fresh: Good looking, clean.

G-ride: Gangster ride; stolen car.

Gang-banging: Involved in gang activity.

Get Down: Fight.

Gig: Gathering.

Glass House: ’77 or ’78 Chevy vehicle.

Head Hunter: Female who does sexual acts for cocaine.

High Roller: Successful drug dealer.

Holding Down: Controlling turf or area.

Homey: Fellow gang member.

Home Boy: Fellow gang member.

Hood: Neighborhood.

Hook: Phony, imitation.

Hoopty: Car.

Hustler: Not into gangs, strictly out to make money.

Illing: Making mental mistake.

Jacked-up: Beat up or assaulted.

Jammed: Confronted.

Jim Jones: Marijuana joint laced with cocaine and dipped in PCP.

Juiced: Vehicle with hydraulics to raise and lower car.

Kibbles & Bits: Crumbs of cocaine.

Kicking Back: Relaxing, killing time.

Kool: It’s all right.

Laces: Chrome, spoke rims.

Lady: Girlfriend.

Let’s Bail: Let’s leave.

Lifts: Hydraulics to raise and lower car.

Liquid Juice: PCP.

Lit Up: Shot at.

Lizard Butt: Ugly girl.

Mack: Ability to sweet-talk girls.

Main Man: Best friend, back up.

Making Bank: Making money, usually illegally.

Man: Cop, policeman.

Mark: Want-to-be gang member.

Mobile: Proper, nice looking.

Molded: Embarrassed.

Monte C: Monte Carlo vehicle.

Mud Duck: Ugly girl.

O/G: Original gangster.

On the Pipe: Free basing cocaine.

Packing: Gang member has guns in his possession.

Player: Not into gangs, strictly out to make money.

Popped A Cap: Shoot at someone.

Primo: Marijuana joint laced with cocaine.

Rag: Color of gang; bandana

Raise: Leave.

Recruiting: Looking for good-looking girls.

Red Eye: Hard stare.

Ride: Car.

Ride On, Rode On: To go to a rival neighborhood in vehicles to attack another gang.

Righteous: True or affirmative answer.

Rock: Crystallized cocaine.

Roo-rah: Loud talking.

Rush: To sweet-talk girls.

Scandalous: Deadbeat person, bad person.

Scratch: Embarrassed.

Set: Neighborhood.

Sherm: PCP.

Slob: Crips’ nickname for a Blood gang member.

Snaps: Money.

Sprungs: Addicted to cocaine.

Squab: Fight, argue.

Stall It Out: Stop doing what you are doing.

Strawberry: Female who does sexual acts for cocaine.

Talking Head: Argue; want to fight.

Talking Smack: Aggressive talking.

Trey-eight: .38 caliber gun.

Trick: Phony sissy.

Trip: Too much, something else.

Turkish: Heavy, ornamental gold, earrings.

Up On It: Have knowledge of drug scene; successful in dealing drugs.

Wack: PCP.

Wave: Short, close-cropped haircut.

What it “b” like: Blood greeting.

What it “c” like: Crip greeting.

What’s Up: What’s going on.

Street-Gang Glossary

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