The Thin Blue Line!

“Gotham City. Always brings a smile to my face.”

—Batman, Jack Nicholson as the Joker

They’re not called the mean streets for nothing. Hushed backroom deals, vicious betrayals, and deception are the tools of the trade. In the shadowy places all around them is a World of Darkness where Vampires, the descendants of Cain, the first murderer, exist in a sick parody of society, fouling everything they touch as they plot and scheme against one another in lethal games of power. Werewolves, failed defenders of a dying world, wage a futile, desperately revanchist war against the forces of corruption. Mages, wielders of unimaginable power, clash in competition to decide the very nature of reality. Changelings, manifestations of dream and imagination, struggle to survive in a world that lethally denies their existence. Then there are the Wraiths, those lost souls who to find themselves trapped between the lives they have lost and oblivion itself; awaiting the final reward they are inexplicably denied. In the shadows of the streets solitary quacks, conspiracy nuts, and fringe agents grimly lash out at the status quo, armed with fanatical determination to find the truth. And the only ones standing between the people of New York City and the inexorable tide of these terrible threats, both mundane and supernatural, is the thin blue line!

In the World of Darkness, the thin blue line standing between “an ordered society and potential chaos” is tested beyond reason. Will they learn the terrible secrets that await them? Will they survive with their lives, and their sanity, intact? The stakes can be no higher! This is Gotham; this is war!


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